Sanyo Chemicals Magazine, no. 528

2021 Autumn
Kyoto, Japan: Sanyo Chemical News

Insight into the sometimes unusual thought process of felt artisans, both in the 8th c. and 21st c CE.


2021 Jun
Japan, Kyoto: Spinnuts Publications スピナッツ出版

“Genius of Feltmaking: Creating a 7th CE Replica of Shosoin Treasures Kasen no.17 Felt Rug” by Jorie Johnson (pp. L-05-L-08, Japanese language) Always a gem …

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Kyoto Art Festival 2020

2020 Oct
JAPAN, Kyoto: Kyoto Art Festival Art Division International Exhibition/Gallery Kei Fu ギャラリー恵風

2020 Kyoto Art Festival, International Exhibition of Art Due to the Corona pandemic the usual city venue was closed to the team, therefore the “Small …

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