Japan, Kyoto
  2021 Jun
  Spinnuts Publications スピナッツ出版
 http://www.spinhouse-ponta.jp    075-462-5966    075-461-2450

“Genius of Feltmaking: Creating a 7th CE Replica of Shosoin Treasures Kasen no.17 Felt Rug” by Jorie Johnson (pp. L-05-L-08, Japanese language)

Always a gem of a magazine!
The June issue focuses primarily on spinning equipment, some knitting, textile art, and is a great source of wool product suppliers.
Included is a 4-page report discussing points that arose while reproducing a replica portion of the Shoso-in felt Kasen no. 17, last summer in Kyoto.
Spinnuts is published regularly by Editor Masumi Honde (Spinnuts Publishing) and now, the only hands-on textile support magazine of it’s kind in Japan.

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