Bulletin of the Office of the Shosoin Treasure House no. 42「正倉院紀要第42号2020年」

  2020 Mar
  Office of the Shōsōin Treasure House, Imperial Household Agency

The conservation, management, research, and study of the Shosoin treasures by the Office of the Imperial Household Agency Nara are reported annually in the “Shosoin Bulletin Annual Report”. In March of this year the “Shosoin Bulletin No. 42, 2020” was published. Included in this edition is the “Analysis of the Shosoin Kasen Felt Rugs with Floral Designs. Feltmaking Techniques” (pp. 41-64) researched and written by Jorie Johnson. To view Johnson’s report, please use this link. Also, the paper by Honde Masumi introduces the analysis of the various wool types used to make each of the kasen felt rugs and fragments in this rare collection (pp. 1-64). To view Honde’s report, use this link.

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