USA: MA Fall River, Shibori Embellished Berets

Starting by making an unusual, shifted-shape beret, or bag design, we will move to the second phase of this class with the intention of over-dyeing and reserving design through clamped-resist strategies. Students will add color, form, and detail through the dyeing process using simple acid dyes. While 100% merino or any finer felting wool can be used, other quality blends including silk, cashmere or pet hair will be discussed and promoted. The challenge is to create a dense, yet light, supple fabric that will compliment the wearer. Accordingly, shifted-shape bags will be fulled well, aided by the dyeing process (caution for beret makers) to ensure a durable, striking lightweight shoulder bag. A myriad of possibilities will spring from this slightly “shifted” way of thinking and seeing. Gather your clean, finer pet hair.

All levels welcomed, but students with experience will move faster.

Title:  Shibori Embellished Hand-felted Shifted-shape Berets & Bags

Class Hours: 9:00AM to 4:00PM  (Wednesday – Friday)

Dates: September 23-25, 2020

Place: ProChemical & Dye Studio, 126 Shove St., Fall River, MA 02724 USA

Contact: Vicki

Tel: +1-508-676-3838


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Merino 80%/ Pet undercoat 20%, silver fox, or mink blends

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