Japan: 羊の本、All About Sheep and Wool Book, Spinnuts Publishing

Congratulations to Ms. Masumi Honde for her Spinnuts Publishing Company’s latest publication called All About Sheep and Wool Book. (336 pages, all in Japanese!)

JoiRae Textiles is proud to have been included and recommends that every university Textile Department gets a copy  for their library.

Below please view several pages showing the cover, a page with parts of the sheep, index pages, information about the Shosoin felt rugs and a JRTex long shawl (China Blue: wool, cotton gauze, metallic braid), one of two  commissioned by Kansai Yamamoto for the Hello China extravaganza.

HondeSheepBook1 Scan IMG-1623 IMG-1624 HondeSheepBook3 HondeSheepBook2 IMG-1625

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