USA: Minneapolis: Textile Center Feltmaking Workshops x 2

It will be a wonderful opportunity for me to return to Minneapolis after having taught at the great Split Rocks Art Program in years past.

Welcome to The Textile Center for two express workshops exploring the capability of the wool fiber in regards to feltmaking.

NOTE: Open to Textile Center Members ONLY (and to the public if room is available.)

I. My Mini Poncho: incorporates interesting open weave woollens, as well as prefelt and tops for motif possibilities. Learn a good way to make fringes, seamless pockets, and how such a simple garment works in many ways. Preparation for the autumn and winter seasons to come!

II. Sumi Ink Expression with Textiles: where we will experiment with the direct application on fabrics including linen, cotton and silk. No. 1, how to properly prepare the fabrics, No.2 various dilutions of the highest quality Japanese ink, and No. 3, important precautionary steps to take before incorporating the  sumi on fabrics into felt works. With our collection of new fabrics and a palette of color merino, expect to work through your personal idea into either a two-dimensional work for framing or a 3-D object of design.

Place: Textile Center

Address: 3000 University Ave SE # 100, Minneapolis, MN 55414

Tel: +1 612-436-0464

Dates: Class I: 9/13-14 and Class II: 9/15-17 

Times: 9AM-5PM

Contact: Marjorie Fedyszyn


JJohnsonMiniPonchoa     IMG-9039IMG-8268 IMG-8308JJohnsonSumiSilkVessel2015    Sumi & FeltSample

(top) 2017-2018 JoiRae Textiles Mini Poncho Series (woollens, shibori dyed prefelt, tops, brass snap)

(below) Sumi Ink on Silk Series: Time Souvenir II, 2015   – Sumi Series Fabric (sumi, shibori and de-gummed silk fabrics, metallic thread, wool)
Wool, Sumi Ink on Silk (100 Artists Selected Exhibition Japan 2015)

Ripples(大)pink1a  6102942

Collaboration JoiRaeTextiles and Japanese calligrapher, 2007: Wool, silk fabrics, metallic/silk fabric, Sumi ink

(L) A cloud moving, water is flowing, the natural course of events

(R) Face to face, the obi runs between us

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