Bulletin of the Office of the Shosoin Treasure House no. 37「正倉院紀要第37号2015年」

  2015 Mar
  Office of the Shōsōin Treasure House, Imperial Household Agency

A very interesting and humbling opportunity for me over the past three years was to view first hand and participate in the compilation of vital information pertaining to wool fiber quality used and technical production of these rare 8th century Chinese felt rugs preserved in Nara. Looking very much forward to the annual exhibition of portions of the collection to be held around the last week of October and beginning weeks of November at the Nara National Museum with this year’s focus on the masks, calligraphy brushes and stunning kasen felt rugs. The conservation, management, research, and study of the Shosoin treasures by the Office of the Imperial Household Agency Nara are reported annually in the “Shosoin Bulletin Annual Report” (pp.1-8; 58-108). Refer to this link to read the entire paper.

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