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Ripples(大)pink1a DegumVestFabricsa SumiSilkDegum1 SurfaceDesign Assoc.NewsletterVol22Felt Layers: Sumi ink, Fermented Persimmon Tannin (Kakshibu) & De-gumming as applied to silk and cotton fabric for felt works.

Widening your fabric palette means experimenting with a variety of techniques, solutions, layering resists, dyes, and patterns. Jorie Johnson has been surrounded by different approaches for dyeing Kimono and silk for more than 25 years while living and teaching feltmaking in Japan. This class introduces three subtler natural approaches to patterning silk fabric for addition to felted works, using Sumi ink for blacks, Persimmon Tannin for browns and De-gumming/scouring of silk  for whites and pastels, in conjunction with acid dyes.

After preparing a small palette of fabrics we will embellish them with wool through hand feltmaking. From small accessories to large garments, having a valuable supply of interesting and unique fabrics at your fingertips is the solution for designing fresh and exciting work which carry your personal signature. Either a felted tunic or shawl will hopefully be completed in this workshop.


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