KYOTO: Annual intensive 5-Day KTS World of Feltmaking Magic

Greetings to all as we look towards Golden Week in Japan. My 21st annual Kawashima Textile School (KTS) “Feltmaking Wool Magic Part I intensive with be held a bit earlier this year starting from April 26 -30 in the hills of Ichihara in Kyoto, leaving you the next week free to celebrate the national holidays.


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An in depth practical workshop including interesting wool breed sampling, concepts in motif applications in feltmaking, a day of brimmed hat making, followed by carpet or art felt-making.  These exercises are geared for beginners-intermediates and teachers. We will have short lectures, followed by a demonstration exercise and direct application of previous day’s study. On the final day we will learn how to make personal equipment essential for feltmaking, including hat forms and woven bamboo mats. KTS offers dormitory living and three meals a day in the village nestled in the northern mountains of Kyoto and is just a few train stops from the Kurama Hot Springs, as well.

This class is a fundamental 5-day class.pre-reqisite  for the Part II autumn workshop called, My Simple Vest, which follows in November.

For more information please contact the office of KTS directly or feel free to email me.


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