Bulletin of the Office of the Shosoin Treasure House no. 44「正倉院紀要第44号2022年」

  2022 Mar
  The Office of the Shosoin

The conservation, management, research, and study of the Shosoin treasures by the Office of the Imperial Household Agency Nara are reported annually in the “Shosoin Bulletin Annual Report”. In March of this year the “Shosoin Bulletin No. 44, 2022” was published. Included in this edition is the study and replica portion execution of the Kasen no. 17 (Jorie Johnson), pp. 17-29. The paper introduces the wool types used to make the felt rug (kasen), the dyeing materials, how the floral patterns were reproduced, and includes a description of how the Tang Dynasty era rug was suspected to have been made. To view the entire 13 page report please use this link.

正倉院事務所で行っている宝庫・宝物の保存管理,調査研究,整理,修理,復元模造などについて、毎年『正倉院紀要(年報)』で報告しています。今年の3月に『正倉院紀要第44号2022年』が発表されました。その中に花氈第17号の復元的研究 (ジョリージョンソン) pp.17-29が収録されています。敷物(花氈)の羊毛の種類、染め材料、模様の作り方、縮絨のさせ方の説明を紹介しています。https://shosoin.kunaicho.go.jp/bulletin

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