Japan: Tokyo Ginza


Exhibition: JORIE JOHNSON, Expressions in Felt Collection 2020

Times: 12:30-19:00 (last day 17:00) (closed 1/29th)

Place:  ECRU+HM, Okuno Bldg. 4F.,  1-9-8 Ginza Chuo-ku

Tel. 03-3561-8121

Combining traditional fabrics with contemporary feltmaking techniques in the first JoiRae Textiles` exhibition of 2020.

Photographed in ice to replicate the environment in which the 7th-2nd centuries BCE Pazyryk Burials of the Scythian Iron Age Horsemen Collection were found.

Wool, wool gauze and Italian viscose fabric, metal fiber cloth, novelty yarn, mesh polyester with lacquer, and more, interesting material and fiber combinations to explore in wearable art pieces manufactured (mano=handmade) in short series. Welcome.


 JRTexScarfPurpleIcea JRTexNecklacesIcea JRTexBeretIcea HandWarmersB2019aDM切手面JJohnsonLongVest2018a

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