Japan: Kyoto: GalleryGallery

Jorie Johnson will be exhibiting “Kyoto Sweets” at GalleryGallery in the invitational group exhibition

-The Kyoto- curated and sponsored by Keiko Kawashima.

“Kyoto Wagashi” wool, silk fiber,  feltmaking

Date: 2019.8.24-9.6 (closed 8.29)

Place: GalleryGallery, Kotobuki Bldg  5F

Kawaramachi, Shijo-sagaru, Shimogyoku, Kyoto 606-8018


Closing Party : 2019.9.6, from 19:00PM




IMG-4145MiniatureTheKyoto2019MiniatureTheKyoto2019 1

結果は、クロージングパーティー(9月6日(金) 午後7時から)で発表いたします。

      contemporary textile art MINIATURE WORKS -THE KYOTO- vol.2

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