Kyoto Journal, Insights From Asia no.94

JAPAN, Kyoto
   2019 Jan
  Kyoto Journal

Jorie Johnson, “My Hinomaru (rising sun 日の丸)” rug series: “House”, “Person”, and “Playground”. Unusually shaped, 100% handmade, wool felt rugs. Jorie writes, “Kyoto is a place where, as one of the last stops along the Silk Road, intriguing and rare materials can be found, and where one can truly be nurtured, not only within the textile realm, but in many disciplines…”

Delighted and honored to be included in this issue introducing many long time foreign residents of Kyoto, who found, and still keep in beat with, the undertone of artistic expression here.

Also, thankful for the historical reference to the Women Artist Association of Kansai.

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