Japan: Iwate Prefecture

Two Person Show: Jorie Johnson Felt & Kazuko Koso Knitwear

Dates: 2018.10.5 – 14  (11:00-18:00)

The opening exhibition of Sendai City’s Mori Mieko-san’s new Sou & So in Iwate Prefecture.

Way out of the city, in a renovated storehouse, the atmosphere and beauty of this area compliments the wool work readied for this occasion.

Always a pleasure to exhibit felt and knit together.

Welcome to the open lecture and coffee time on Oct. 5th from 13:00 (¥1500 fee and coffee)


〒028-0305 Iwate Prefecture, Touno-shi, Miyamorimachi, Tatsusobe 54-41

Furuya Yaemon Ura

Tel: 090-5842-2106 (Contact: Mori Mieko-san)


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