Ceramics Now Magazine: Keiko Gallery artists feature Jorie Johnson Interview

  2011 Winter
  Ceramics Now Magazine

Interview with Jorie Johnson (Joi Rae) – Textile artist: This special feature is in partnership with Keiko Gallery, Boston, interviews with 10 Japanese artists represented by Keiko.

Ceramics Now Magazine : From functional, to decorative or aesthetic, your works also vary in techniques and materials. Tell us about your woolen felt creations.

Jorie Johnson: I am drawn to the painterly and sculptural characteristics of feltmaking with its broad capabilities as a “hard textile” but which also lends itself to soft, sensual body wraps.  I like the challenge of completing a work that functions in a practical way as well as becoming an object of aesthetic value. Unlike weaving, each felt is disconnected from the next,  so in that way, a seamless, three-dimensional vessel, hat or bag may remind us more of a ceramic form than a textile. Digital edition available. ISSN 2248-115X

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