500 Felt Objects, Creative Explorations of a Remarkable Material

USA, New York
  2011 Sep
  Lark Crafts

Jorie Johnson’s works appear in several chapters including “Garments, Wraps & Headwear”, “Two-dimensional Design”, and “Furniture and Home Décour”.

“…Inspiration abounds in this unique new entry in the popular 500 series.
From garments to carpets to vessels, from home décor to installations, 500 Felt Objects is an impressive, flagship display of masterful felt creations. This very diverse collection honors the work of traditional fiber artists side-by-side with avant-garde designers, A broad range of styles, colors, and forms help reveal felt’s full potential, and the pieces–made by an international roster of artists–are a constant surprise and delight.
Juror Susan Brown lives in New York and is the associate curator of textiles at Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum. She curated the exhibition ‘Fashioning Felt’” .

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