My book now on Kindle: Feltmaking & Wool Magic

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Feltmaking and Wool Magic is the best “how to” available. With this book you can create fun items for yourself or gifts for your friends, children, and grandchildren. Once you pick it up you will be fascinated with the simple process and learn to create a little magic of your own from wonderful sheep’s wool.

96 pages with more than 500 color and black-and-white photos, including rare historical illustrations.

Life with Felt
Materials and Equipment
Nine Elements of Feltmaking
Simple Balls and Things
Pet Portraits
Color Sample
Breed Sample
Crescent Pendants
Flower Bouquet
Doggie Toys
Baby Bee Boots
Fun Shoulder Bag
Jack & Jill Dolls
A Lady’s Hat
Little Lady’s Flower Beret
Rainbow Jumper
Fabric for Short Vests
Washing Machine Sample
Elegant Long Vest
Woven Muffler
Mohair Fabric Scarf
Warm Winter Slippers
Colorful Carpets

Carding & Blending Wool
Washing Fleece
Common Wool in Japan
The Wool Story
Notebook of Breed Samples
Traditional & Contemporary Motifs
Felt History
Healthy Feltmaking
Supplier’s List

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