1993 Japanese Crafts Exhibition Catalogue

1993 Jan
JAPAN, Tokyo: Japan Craft Design Association

Body Wear Category: Jorie Johnson’s Jacket with handmade felt body and knit sleeves was selected for the Competition exhibition. Wool, silk organza, mohair yarns, buttons

1993 Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition Catalogue

1993 May
JAPAN: Asahi Shinbun Publishing 朝日新聞社 

Jorie Johnson’s handmade felt rug: “獣道 Animal Trail” was selected for the competition exhibition. Wool, yarn

Senshoku Alpha no. 12

1991 Oct
JAPAN, Kyoto: Tanaka Nao Publication

“Fun Felt Making Part II”、Jorie Johnson & Suzumi Noda pp. 18-22 Kyoto

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