JRTex@酒の器 Toyoda – Artworks in Kyoto 身に纏うアート

JAPAN, Kyoto
 Dec 6 (Wed) - Dec 17 (Sun), 2023    11:00 - 19:00
  酒の器 Toyoda Gallery, 612-8047 京都市伏見区上油掛町190  (View Map)
 https://www.sakenoutsuwa.com/    075 611 7822

The annual four-person exhibition, curated by Ms. Kie Toyoda of Sake no Utsuwa Toyoda Gallery, opens Dec 6th. There will be much to see and autumn/winter works to enjoy. And, it is the season of the fragrant Sake lees wafting around the historical neighborhood.

Jorie lives a bicycle ride away, so if you’re coming and hope to meet, please let the gallery know.

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