NOW STREAMING: Felt Lecture Series for WSN Foundation

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Jorie’s recent four-part “Conversations with Cloth No.4” series covering unusual felt work found in Japanese collections is now available for streaming.
Have a look!

Jorie Episode 1 “The Shōsō-in Collection of Rare Floral-pattern Felts from the Tang Dynasty”

Jorie Episode 2 “Resist-dyed Felts Found in Japan: Huazhan Bai Minority Paste-resist Felt and Korean Hand-painted Felt”

Jorie Episode 3 “Red Felts and Shibori-dyed Felt rugs in Japan: Tea Ceremony and Festive Occasions”

Jorie Episode 4 “JoiRae Collection of Felts: From Boston, Finland, Mongolia, to Central Asia, ending up in a Far Eastern Island Nation”

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